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perfection takes time

Do you consider yourself an honorary Texan? How about a committed foodie? Either way, you are going to have to start preparing yourself for the best barbecue in Toronto! Bourbon Street Smokehouse is a proud provider of delicious barbecue in our great city.

We don’t use the phrase “best” lightly... But we have to admit, we are the home of the best barbecue in Toronto! Don’t believe us? Just try choosing between one of our nine delicious, select meats. The line will be forming behind you before you can make a decision. But, hey, that’s okay! Our helpful staff will help you choose and you’ll soon find your favorite. It might take a couple of trips though... There’s so much delicious barbecue to try! 

How can we promise to deliver the best barbecue every time you visit us? Well, part of our great taste comes from our long tradition of smoking and ‘low & slow’ cooking techniques. And the rest? It’s due to our commitment to great customer service! We want you to consider us the best barbecue and the best experience in Toronto.

We know there’s a lot to do in Toronto. But, why not add a little something that is traditionally Texan like our delicious barbecue! You won’t ever be disappointed that you added a little (or a lot) of the best barbecue in Toronto into your diet for the day!

After you’ve finished up classes at U of T, left the big game, or taken your lunch break, come on by Bourbon Street Smokehouse on Bloor for the best barbecue you can find this close to Texas. We are here to treat you like a member of our family. So c’mon in, we’ve got a table just for you.


Located in
the heart
of the city
Serving the finest cuts of meat

We hand-select only the best fresh cuts of Beef, Ribs, Pork, Chicken & Fish from local organic producers.

Smoking is an age old process of cooking and preserving foods, particularly meats. Our methods use Low & Slow Cooking making every bite delectable.


Located on the south side of Bloor Street in Toronto's busy Bloorcourt Neighbourhood, our Smokehouse is ideally situated and open for business.

Have a drink

at the bar

From our great selection of Bourbons, to our unique Smokehouse-Inspired cocktails, you're sure to love our longbar and our southern-styled hospitality which watching the game or relaxing with friends.

The first time you enter the impressive Bourbon Street Smokehouse located in a former shoestore on Bloor Street, you might believe you’ve crossed the border. It’s filled with the familiar trappings of a classic American Smokehouse. The walls are covered with Fired wood panels, wood floor, long bar, and a great selection of Bourbon. There’s even some southern (style) hospitality to help hit home the fantasy that there’s a little bit of Memphis in the Bloorcourt Neighbourhood. The main attraction: Southern American-style slow-smoked pork, beef and chicken — and it’s the real deal.

BBQ fans and aficionados who normally have to plan road trips involving crossing the border to get their hands on some genuine Q now have a great option in Toronto. While Bourbon Street Smokehouse plays up that Born-in-the-USA feeling, it also has a more understated neighbourhood sports bar vibe.

Our story begins in THE SOUTH

Bourbon Street Smokehouse

GReAT Southern FOOD

901 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6H 1L2  (647) 351-0251


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